Unusual Gifts For Those Who Prefer a Life Less Ordinary

Article by John Smith

We all like receiving presents, whether we care to admit it or not – the gifts people buy can say a lot about what people think about us and it can say a lot about their imagination. But buying presents for your loved-ones isn’t always that easy if they don’t share the same regular tastes as everybody else; sometimes a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates just won’t do. If you know someone who is notoriously difficult to buy for, then treat them this year with something a little bit different. These unusual gifts are not only guaranteed to surprise, but they’re bound to make your loved one feel even more special than they already are.

The Wild Child

Whether they are nine years old or ninety years old, the Wild Child is that curious creature who likes nothing more than the rush of adrenaline and the need for speed. If they’re the kind of person who simply can’t sit still, then why not indulge them this year with some unusual gifts that will really get them going? Experience Days cover a whole host of activities that can be done either by the crazy individual themselves or for a whole group. From paintballing to rally driving, ice climbing to bungee jumping, there’s no need to try and tame them with these unusual gifts.

The Pampered Prince or Princess

Whilst the rest of us end up working hard, these pampered people seem to take life in their stride and relish the idea of relaxation. They may lead an enviable lifestyle, or simply aspire to live like the rich and famous in a household full of servants; well, there are a number of unusual gifts that you could buy to make their dreams come true. For some real pampering they could find themselves spending the day at a health spa getting a massage or manicure, or perhaps discovering the real meaning of sweat in a hot sauna. A Makeover and photo-shoot can be tailored for both men and women and these unusual gifts will really indulge them in their lazy lifestyles.

The Enthusiast

The enthusiast should be the easiest of person to buy unusual gifts for as it should be abundantly clear what it is in life they simply can’t get enough of. Perhaps they practically live on the golf course, or dream of being a premiere football player then there are a number of unusual gifts just for them such as the golfing personalised calendars or how about a ‘grow your own’ Wembley Stadium? Perhaps they have a passion for animals? Then how about an experience day of Parrot handling or a day shadowing a zoo keeper these unusual gifts are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whether they’re enthusiastic about plants, chocolate, and wine or simply can’t get enough of their favourite television programme, personalised unusual gifts are ideal for indulging.

The Attention Seeker

We all know someone who likes to be the real star of the show when it comes to parties but what do you buy for the person whose greatest gift is their own confidence? Unusual gifts are a great way to show them how special they really are such as the personalised calendars that will display their name in twelve stunning images and can be put on the wall for all to see. Perhaps they would relish the idea of being immortalised in art with an ‘Andy Warhol Style Pop Art Print’ or their very own Lichtenstein image well, these unusual gifts will make that a reality if you simply send in a clear photograph of the recipient. It may well be that the person you are buying your unusual gifts for has something special to celebrate; an anniversary or the arrival of a new baby perhaps send in a photograph and they could have the attention grabbing image printed onto a number of personalised items such as mugs, placemats, bags or even a tea cosy!

The Weird and Wonderful

Maybe you know someone that has a rather peculiar hobby or simply has a very quirky sense of humour; well there are plenty of unusual gifts that could have been designed with them in mind. For that school-boy sense of humour, try the novelty loo rolls such as the ‘Bio-Hazard Toilet Roll’ or the ‘Crime Scene’ police tape toilet tissue. The selection of rubber ducks will also add a bit of colour to the bathroom, and make fantastic unusual gifts for any ‘Duck Bond’ or ‘Ducktor Who’ fan. Make sure the recipient doesn’t lose their sense of humour with some of the unusual gifts though; there can be a fine line between a compliment and an insult and the ‘Dirty Old Man’s Walking Stick’ could go either way!

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