How to Make Your Own Shrubs

Two things happened when someone explained shrubs to me: I couldn’t get “Scrub” by TLC out of my head for the rest of the day, and I immediately wanted to make one in every possible flavor.  For those who like to get a little DIY kitchen creative, you are about to make new plans for the weekend.

Shrubs are basically homemade cocktail syrups. One type of shrub is fruit mixed with alcohol, like rum or bourbon. The second kind of shrub is quickly growing in popularity. It’s basically fruit and drinking vinegar (and sometimes spices) which you then mix with alcohol. Both kinds get better with a little age.  And I’m thinking would also make great wedding favors in mini jars…

Credits:  Cherry Mint//Calamansi Lime//Blueberry//Strawberry//Blackberry//Blood Orange//Ginger//Autumn Spices//Peach//Plum