Feel Healthier With Some Quinoa and Kale

There is a general onslaught that hits women after New Year’s. Everything from morning talk shows to glossy magazine covers start insisting that we all need to lose 10 pounds. And while that may be true for some of us (I indulged in a few too many cookies this year), we don’t agree that the number on the scale determines how amazing a bride looks on her wedding day. A bride that feels good about herself and energetic about the new life ahead of her is the prettiest bride of them all. So, let’s start off 2014 with some tasty, fabulous, restorative, energy-giving whole foods.  Between carb-loading and lots of time on the couch watching Christmas movies, I know that I am feeling pretty lethargic. And a shot of kale and quinoa is going to make all the difference in getting me revved up for an amazing year.  Click on the links below for the recipes. P.S. Don’t let words like quinoa and kale deceive you. These dishes are seriously good.

Recipes:  Spinach and Quinoa Cakes//Polenta//Chicken and Quinoa Lettuce Wrap//Spaghettini//Kale and Veggie Hash//Quinoa, Peppers, and Figs//Kale and Red Quinoa//Veggie Quinoa Burger//Corn and Quinoa Chowder//Kale and Soba Noodles